Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Star Wars, Feminism, The National Policy, Girls, Music, and other things discussed on drinking nights


In short, that's me when I try and talk to girls, which came up in conversation.

But does the title not say it all? No joke I maxxed out the cap for characters in the title. But that's cause when I get together with some close friends of mine, one of which I've known since high school, many universe changing things take effect. The last time somethign this epic took place, well, sorry Japan... I really mean it... So sorry...

Picture a crazy rock/metal musician with an opinion about everything (me), a skinny pastey controversial guy with an ego the size of mount Doom (not a bad thing if you know him!), a quiet but oddly opinionated thoughtful aspiring chef with a unique sense of timing, and a girl who doesn't know us too well but is somehow entertained. Does hilarity not ensue? That /almost/ could be a sitcom, but it's really hard describing my friends because they're so much more than that.

Basically however, myself and my freind Adam (the skinny guy) were somehow able to get Leanne (the girl) interested in history and sociology because we simply went on tyrades and tangents about the state of the world and why it is the way it is. It started off harmless enough with talking about, actually fuck if I remember what we were talking about to start, but it evolved into: The problems with Canada can all be blamed on Brian Mulroney cancelling the National Policy and signing the first Canada-US free trade agreement; the social issues of why women will hide behind the term of feminism simply because they want to hate men and not be equals in society, then demand they be treated with noble intentions and lavished with gifts; why a lot of music nowadays absolutely fucking sucks becase of auto-tune and over-engineering, jon-bon jovi ruining music, madonna helping, michael jackson putting the final bullet into it and britney spears making sure that horse stays dead; why I overthink shit and have a hard time reading women and dating in general; and why beer is awesome.

I have a tendancy, by myself, to go on long tyrades and rants about things that I have opinions on and am very passionate about. I care about the world, and I hate seeing it go to shit simply because some people want to benefit due to their feeling entitled to their profits, justifying it with working hard; hard at stepping on others and stealing from them and bleeding the world dry. Makes PERFECT sense to me. Wall street bailout? 700 billion, yet we won't take 3 billion to feed people in Africa or Asia and empower them to be self sfficient in smaller communities. I'll stop now...

But when you get me and Adam together, the world shakes and starts to pound with shattering smouldering intensity it may as well summon the four horsemen of the apocolypse. Rants and passionate tangents intensify, and, yeah, we've fucking scared people at malls and in cars next to us. I kid you not. Yes our live show is better, plus it's really hard to blog about.

However, our opinion on the state of girls in the dating world reflects this vlog by Jenna: Seriosuly this girl is fucking awesome! I want to meet her, shake her hand, take her to coffee, debate and rant, okay fuck it. You get the idea.


Eventually, as always happens with us, we decide to fuck the real world and talk about nothing other than Star Wars. Which, is oddly reflective of our real world and you have to admit it, but it's simply because we're uber nerds and well, we want to feel like we've accomplished something.

Let's face it, we don't like looking inside ourselves, because we see that little girl with the wet black hair huddled in a corner crying while wearing a straight-jacket, saying "maybe nothing really matters..." That's why I drink and play videogames. Works for me.

If it wasn't 2:30 AM, I'd be playing metal right now...

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