Thursday, August 4, 2011


Yesterday, I experienced something, something that totally transcends any level of time and space.

Yes, I'm talking about metal.

Yesterday, I went and saw the most epic concert I have been to to date. Slayer and Rob Zombie, with Exodus as the opening act.

Me and three buddies, would have been four if my friend hadn't have broken his foot the day before and rendered him unable to come to the concert, leaving me with a ticket that I could not unload, probably had the most fun that is allowed at any one of these venues. We, admittingly, didn't care for exodus as an opener, and actually showed up halfway through Rob Zombie's set because, let's face it, we just wanted to get slayed (no, not slain, slayed.) I personally saw the last half of Rob Zombie's set, and I admit, what I was was pretty freaking intense. Seeing rob zombie's band wearing nothing but canadian flags as clothing was epic, and his guitarist almost made me orgasm with his flurry of sweep picking arpeggios. FUCKING KILLER!!!

But, like I said, we wanted to see Slayer. I actually missed a golden chance to meet the band Infernal Majesty and Corpsegrinder, the lead singer of Cannibal Corpse. Two of my buddies did, because they were able to get into the beer gardens fast. By the time me and my friend Mose were done at the merch booth, the beer garden line was 20 miles long so we decided it was better to just wait, little did we know... Fucking PISSED that I missed that, but hey, I may have to go see Infernal Majesty on the 20th of this month.

Either way, the setlist Slayer put out was absolutely fucking perfect. For the most of the show, I stayed in one place and headbanged, absorbed, air guitared, and watched the awesomeness. I was about 60 feet from the band at first. I don't think I've ever seen a more perfect band on stage. Musically speaking, they were there, always. Timing was perfect, everything just worked, the sound was absolutely incredible, from Tom's soaring vocals and killer bass riffs to Dave Lombardo's perfect double kick drums. Every bass beat I could feel the intensity making me it's bitch and slapping me around, demanding that I love this. Little did it know I already did. Kerry King's guitars were absolutely fucking incredible, and although he wasn't wearing his signature spiked bracelet, it's understandable because he needs to keep the intensity in his playing, and having that weigh you down is death to a guitarist. As soon as the encore's came on, my buddy Mose was all "dude, wanna come to the mosh pit?" He had already been once, but me, honestly...I was hesitant, but I embraced that fucker like it was MY bitch. I said HELL FUCKIGN YES and away I went. Never have I had so much goddamn fun! Pushing and shoving and running around and charging at things, it was absolutely incredible! Even more incredible was the fact that whenever someone fell down, everyone was protecting him and helping the guy back up! Everyone's there just for a good time, no one wants to see anyone hurt. But at one point I looked up and realized, the band is 10 feet in front of me! I stared, and gazed in absolute incredible awe. I just could not fucking believe the levels of awesome that I was experiencing. That was the closest I'd ever been to a band. I got slayed, hard. And I'd go back for more.

It was my first ever Slayer concert, and a disappointment, it absolutely was not. Far from. It was glorious! Epic fucking win! The levels of extreme intensity grabbed my by the balls and shocked me with absolutly no mercy, no remorse, and having no fear. Metal, I AM IN YOU!

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