Saturday, August 6, 2011

Viking Metal!!!

Again, no comic, just awesome.

Thursday night, the very next night after I went and saw Slayer in concert, on a spur of the moment decision, likely due to my friends and guitar teacher convincing me, I went in and saw Amon Amarth at the commodore ballroom. Seriously, this was the absolute best fucking onslaught of viking metal I've ever seen!!! They had no opening band, so it was a clear two and a half hours of nothing but fist pounding, beer drinking, awesome death metal. They hit the stage at 9:30, played 10 songs, went on a break, and then 15-20 mins later came back with an epic onslaught of more awesome metal. They failed to disappoint. True I hadn't heard anything from them, well, ever, but fuck, I absolutely LOVE Viking Metal.

Which makes me reiterate one of my life goals, well actually 2. One is to go and see Wacken Open Air, a weeklong celebration of Metal in a small town in Germany. Wacken is one of the largest metal festivals in Europe, and many many bands play there. Another one is Roskilde Open Air, in Denmark, much the same as Wacken Open Air. Metal, you loves it, yesssss....

While at the Commodore last night, I met up with my guitar teacher, her boyfriend, and a couple of their friends and hung out all throughout the second set. By the end of it I was dog fucking tired, but Jesus christ was this band made of pure awesome! It puts me back in touch with my Viking roots and, oddly enough, I feel somehow spiritually connected with music like this, mainly because my ancestors on my Mother's side hail from Denmark and Norway. Plus, it really does also help that I'm the son of Thor, when there's music written about the exploits of my Father...yeah, you know it's fucking awesome.

Metal is by far the best genre out there. Because it's Metal. There is NO OTHER REASON THAT IS NEEDED TO EXPLAIN THIS!

That sounds better with the death growl...

I need to practice more guitar.

Amon Amarth, you will loves them.

Sidenote: watch out for people with silver tongues.

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