Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Souls of the Damned

The sad part is this is true!

In this time I've realized I've gone roughly two weeks without blogging. Possibly more? either way... UNACCEPTABLE!!! Needless to say I have been busy. 4 days in kelowna, 3 weeks of working, 2 days of torrenting the internet, and one response on Plenty of fish, plus one metal show.

Woah wait a sec, yes okay, commence your laughter. I started up a POF account again, just to see what's out there. So far I've yielded one response, however that one response has turned out to be awesome. Really, is that not all it takes? Looking forward to coffee.

About two weeks ago I went up to kelowna for only 4 days on a week of paid vacation. Saw some friends but of course not as many as I'd have liked to see. There's never enough time!!! However, epic shennanigans did in fact arise as I was invited to Play Dungeons and Dragons with friends. +10 to tomfoolery! (see Entry for Wed Aug 17th 2011, it will update.)

Given it was my first time playing DnD in a very long time, of course I had to reroll another character. So I decided to roll Thor. Well ok actually the closest thign to thor, a viking barbarian, well ok technically Uthgardt (pronounced Oath-Guard) Barbarian, closest thing to viking I can get. I like vikings. SUE ME! Basically I rolled a viking great-hammer weilding barbarian. Main disadvantage with Barbarians is that, despite my character knowing three languages, he is ILLITERATE! Yes, he cannot read or write. So of course I need to get worked into the campaign (which is drop-in) and so it turns out, we were in a prison! I'm running from prisoners, and the main party was fighting them. I was doing surprisingly well upon sustaining low HP and crappy rolls (including a critical fumble) but I managed to survive for a little while. Eventually I was knocked unconsious but I levelled up at the end of it! Somehow, when I woke up, my character could READ!!! READ!!! OH GLORIOUS DAY!!! I also went on to demolish a minotaur with a newly acquired great-hammer. yeah, He's a fucking barbarian. He's ROTH!!! Thank you Kayli, Graham, and KJ for making this incredibly awesome. YOU'RE DOIN GREAT!!!

There was also free lazer tag, which was glorious and awesome. Thanks to my good friend Jenna who I hung out with for a good chunk of the trip as well. You are awesome, and thank you for the free two games! We brought our lightsabers for a good part of it and, while not using them on the inside, it was still fun showing Chelsea and joking aroudn with them. There were no severed limbs. I'm a Jedi Knight! I'm better than this! Epic drinking night with Jenna, Mike, KJ, and Jennas friends followed. Three Beers, two shots, and one hilarious night of laughter and storytelling. Needless to say, Probably some of the best 4 days ever!

When I got back, of course I had my sister's barbecue on friday. Sadly for that, most people bailed (the fuckers) and it ended up being three of us. Even still, BEST BIG BANG THEORY DRINKING GAME EVER!!! Ten beers, one boilermaker, Bra-Man's heroic encounter with the fiend named Joel, and a giant walk to the mall later, I was one very drunk person. Needless to say, epic hilarity ensued.

The next day was Infernal Majesty featuring George Corpsegrinder on vocals. It was my first experience at the rickshaw theatre in downtown van, on the east side, at night. Lots of homeless insane people, but the show itself and the theatre atmosphere was actually really epic and entertaining. I went with Wayne and Mose from work, and of course met up with some of their buddies and cabbed it to the rickshaw. Corpsegrinder didn't actualyl come out till about the third song and he appeared to get pissed from sound issues, which was somewhat horrid but hey, the show was still great. Mose attacked an asshole in the pit with an elbow toward his throat cause he was pushing people on the outer edge of the pit, so mose had something to say about that and stepped up. Good on him! Otherwise, it was absolutely frigging epic! As good as Slayer or Amon Amarth? No... but that's another story...

I'm entirely looking forward to Arch Enemy come Sept 22nd.

That was simply one week, the rest was... well ok uneventful. Needless to say, I conquered the bitch that is life for one week, but now I need to conquer the bitch that is debt. Makes me so mad I wanna choke a bitch!

Stay thirsty my friends.

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