Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Metal, DnD, Determinism, Integrity, and Wings!

Gorram it, In one week there's been a lot to talk about!!!

Okay so last week I spoke about coffee with someone I met on POF. Turns out Melissa is pretty damn awesome and has started introducing me to more metal. We had coffee and I invited her out drinking with some buddies on monday, which turned out to be very awesome. I introduced her to Adam, Jessie and, Wayne. Looking forward to many more meetings! Actually, I'm fully considering buying Napalm Death and Mayhem tickets for their October and November shows. Both at the Rickshaw. Damn that's gonna be epic! Especially if Melissa wants to go, which he says she does.

But ok, so the entire weekend has been pretty insane. Given that labour day was monday, customers at work were absolute savage both sunday and tuesday. Either way, Challenge was accepted and I appeared to do alright considering. Vacation also got approved so I have a week off come september. I'm looking forward to the Fall Fair and Arch Enemy afterward. The fall fair back in my hometown is a yearly tradition that I missed last year. I've made plans to go, so I'm sorry Lesley, I'm going to miss your birthday. We will hangout soon!

The previous Saturday (not last) we had our first official DnD meeting, where we discussed exactly what it is we expect from the group and the game itself. We decided on rolling with Version 3.5, because Version 4 is absolute bullshit. Why I spent over 200 bucks on those books is beyond me. Dug out all of my dice and such, so this should be awesome. All of us, Adam, Teno, Leanne, and Vic seem to be on the same page. Everything is going to be awesome! Looking forward to it!!!

Last saturday was an epic night of beer and debauchery between Myself, Ben, and Vic. It turned out to be Kareoke night at the pioneer, as if listening to bad music sung through autotune on Beat 94.5 at work isn't bad enough, we of course were subjected to it at kareoke, nevermind people not saying the lyrics that are right in front of them. Then of course someone had to try and convince us to sing. My solution: Sing Katy Perry with a death growl. That would have been awesome, if horrifying cause my singing voice is cruel and unusual punishment. If I sang, someone would have to notify the UN. Either way, Conversation appeared to range from why metal is awesome, me teaching Ben's sister, Rachel, guitar, Determinism versus Free Will, and what life in itself is all about and the idea of having power and domination over everything in order to succeed, however this is not to be taken in a demeaning manner: Domination and power in this sense simply means mastery and accomplishment, when you achieve this, you move onto the next thing, hence life is all about finding the next plaything (again not to sound demeaning, jsut that once somethign is fulfilled, find something else) but the question remains, is life determined in that every moment is the byproduct of the previous moment, or does Free Will have a factor in that we have the ability to choose? Interesting question. Turns out stupid people aren't the problem, but smart people who only understand half of the reality, they destroy things.

Monday, as previously mentioned, was another epic drinking night, sadly neither Ben nor Victor could make it, but Adam and Jessie did, along with Wayne and Melissa. Hudson's pub has great wings!!! Most of the night was spent talking about metal, and a lot of the crazy stories from Wayne's Metal shows. Melissa's last metal show was in 2008, which is incredibly sad. Though Wayne was telling us about his experiences with Nazi skinheads meeting a 6'8" Native American; Mose's epic Judo throw on some fatass obnoxious drunk at Alice in Chains; The Beastie Boys calling some guy out, from the stage no less, for being a complete and utter pig toward women; and of course the previous Slayer show. Unfortunately, the chef's in the kitchen were playing Lamb of God, which is like the Nickelback of Metal. We wanted to march in there, throw our plates at them, and forcefeed them some Dying Fetus. LISTEN TO REAL METAL!!! \m/

Of coruse yesterday I had an interesting crisis regarding integrity. Question is do I actualyl ahve any? I firmly believe that if someone does not have integrity, then what do they have? Though, I often feel my daily life does not reflect the values I uphold. I often am perplexed at how I can solve this issue, and despite others pointing it out to me and me accepting the constructive critisism, I do not fully understand how to rectify it. Perhaps that is the experience of life and that I simply am not fully happy at my situation, which I knew. Perhaps next month I shall see where it goes.

Which brings me to today: I plan on visiting the bank (woo...), seeing my friend Julie for coffee and catching up on shit since High School, heading down to Scrape for tickets, and visiting the Apple Store (omfg...what have I become?) All in all, it should be fun.


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