Friday, September 23, 2011

Embracing a sea of challenge, conflict, and metal.

Speaking of creative ways to make breakfast! I've decided that come October 1st I'll be moving in with a friend of mine from work, instead of relocating with my parents. It'll be better for my commute to school and the ability to stay awake at night to work on audio stuff (with headphones in of course) will help me immensely. Having my own space, of course with financial responsibility, will also help out loads. I know from ym kelowna experience that I can do it, and being in a prime transit location close to school and work will also mean I don't need to use my car. For now, it's a tougher choice, but long term it probably sets me up for better opportunities. I'd rather not risk coming all the way from Richmond and missing even one connection that'll make me 15 mins late for class. Plus I get along well with Jeff, he's shown me his place and we've sorted out all the little things that ar eimportant to us. He won't care how my room looks (so long as there's no bacteria farms and it smells half decent) and I have enough common sense to know that whatever mess I make I clean it up. It will be a challenge at first, but one I can easily embrace.

Apart from that interesting piece of information, this week has been brutal! Last weekend was the Rock Creek Fall Fair. Got to hang with my friends again and catch up with them. Wandered around for a bit and checked out some stuff. All in all really, I could miss the fair and honestly care less about anything that happens there. I go for the reunion with friends and the epic tales that seem to come from that. I saw Spencer again and was really happy he's doing well. Was really glad Clinton, Kayli, and Darrell were able to make it up for the fair too. I also brought Adam and his gf, Jessie, up as well. All in all it turned out to be an interesting reunion for a Saturday. We all split ways by early evening, but the epic tales did not end. I heard Darrell was pressured into, using a firey means to mow his lawn. Yes, let's leave it at that. Adam and Jessie went home, and I rolled out with Spencer and Cassandra to the Pub, I said hi to my old boss and we proceeded to eat and drink. Turned out that Spencer's ex-wife and her family were there too, so that proved to be a little awkward for them. I won't get into the details, but let's just say that it was rather entertaining listening to their...laughter. Anyways, after paying our tabs, we rolled up to his old family farm and proceeded to have epic conversation about how to get through to women, life, happiness, following your instincts, and of course, BEER! Though I learned one really valuable lesson: NEVER EVER MIX BOILERMAKERS IN YOUR MOUTH!!! That...really did not end well. Further proof that the first wave you don't feel, the second wave starts hurting, and the third wave IS WHERE YOU DIE! Well ok, I'm not dead, but you get the idea...

The next day was spent in total recovery mode, had an epic buffet breakfast, then I rolled back to Greenwood to visit with Adam's family. The entire day was spent playing Mariokart 64. We once again realized exactly how truthful this comic really is: Anyone who has played mariokart WILL UNDERSTAND THE BRUTAL ANNOYANCE OF OTHER PLAYERS!!! Either way, it was a horrendously fun, despite all the F-bombs, and resulted in many laughs, mishaps, and the very frequent high five.

Yesterday night was a concert I've been waiting for for 3 months. I went with Melissa to see Arch Enemy. That show was absolutely incredible!!! We showed up just after Skeletonwitch started playing and they were pretty awesome. I have nothing to say about devildriver. The bassist kept spitting on the crowd. Who the hell are you, Sid Vicious? Grow the fuck up. That's just disgusting. I honestly couldn't wait for them to leave. Arch Enemy came on and put on an amazing show. Their stage presence was phenomenal, and I honestly couldn't figure out who to look at: Angela or Michael. Michael because, he's the guitarist and Anglea because, well, she's killer awesome. She started talking about Amnesty International and how people in places in the world get beaten for learning to read, expressing art or clothing that shows freedom or individuality, murdered for using their voice to speak out against horrendous conditions. You name it. I admit, my first thought was "great, it's the Bono treatment" but that honestly could not be farther from the truth. She doens't just rant and rave, being in the position they are puts them in prime spots to stand up for and fight for freedom for others, and get other people to get angry about this and care about the world. If used correctly, anger can be a powerful force of change and a powerful driving force for good. They're political because they care, which many people don't do anymore. Why should we be concerned with somethign that doesn't directly affect us? Walk a mile in their shoes, and see what you think. You wouldn't like that happening to you, would you? I donate to the United Way for that very reason. We become so easily detached from things that it's sad, we're so easily distracted from the world. As a human being, I think it's up to those who have to commit a portion to those without to empower them to change their world for the better. Who else is gonna do it? Thank you Arch Enemy, for being a band that fights for a better world, where too many are just meatheads who could care less. Follow your dreams, because too many don't, and just lie to themselves.

Apart from that, the show was still incredible. Of course Michael Arnott comes out and hands picks to everyone, and he handed one right to me! The problem was, some fucking douchebag stole it right out of my hand as I was closing it. Asshole! What are you going to do with it! Probably cum on it. That pick had special powers that would have made me an OK guitarist, instead of a certified wanker! I did get to high five Angela though. It's always really awesome to have some kind of human contact with your heroes, who aren't despicable. Too many role models are horrible, greedy people who paint themselves as the saviours of our time and keep the world in an age of darkness and only truly understand half of the truth. These are the people that need to be cast down. The people need to speak and say that we will not stand for plutonomy or greed. We want Equity.

Apart from that, Vacation is almost over. Work Saturday, and coupled with moving to two different locations (helping parents move to one and me moving to the other) will prove to be very very challenging. It'll be worth it though. I'm learning to make my own mistakes and decide what I need to do, even if I'm wrong, mistakes can translate into opportunities. Confidence is looking back and admitting you were wrong but understanding and standing up for why you did it, Arrogance is never admitting it was wrong.


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