Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Social Game

People really are so gorram complicated it's jsu tnot funny. It is entirely unfathomable to me why people will put up so many barriers and make others jump through so many hoops just to even be called "friend." Ok, yes, true enough there's that one guy that ruined it for you, but being guarded is one thing, being a manipulator is another.

A close friend of mine simply said to me today "It's all a game really..." and of course, I was perplexed. We were talking about Captain America and I said if I ever had the chance I'd totally throw it into the actress who played Peggy, the English officer who was assigned to the project. Her name is Hayley Atwell btw, amazing woman, but I dared my friend to watch the movie and not say the same. He said to me "it's all a game really..." and my first thought was "life? sex?" wo which he replied "just the whole social thing."

People will consistently make you go through shit and jump through hoops, some more than others, before you even think about getting personal with them, relationship or otherwise. I suppose this has many reasons, but to some people, like myself, who are socially retarded, think of it this way: You are a level 1 character who is thrust into a world where you need to survive among characters who are currently level 35 or higher, who have pillaged, run many dungeons, worked hard and obtained the best gear for their level all far more than you can possibly, or care to, imagine. Reality check: There are no giant rats to fight to level up in this storyline. Instead, your best hope is finding a group that'll take you into your party and show you the ropes and run you through a couple times. For the most part this is possible, however many groups are different than others.

 All you can really do is throw your dice and hope and pray you come out lucky. Just be sure that you are the one holding your dice. Never trust them to someone else, and hope and pray that the boss your facing throws a shit roll and you gain ultimate victory, pillage the loot, and walk away with confidence and pride. It's a lot of hoping and praying at first, but nothing is gained skillwise without a lot of work and a little bit of luck. Just dance in front of the mighty bronze turtle and pray that you enver encounter a wolverine named Phallus... because you know there's a reason he's named that.

Keep your Bacon hot, your Ammo cold and plentiful, and clutch onto your dice for dear life. Be the master of your own destiny.

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