Thursday, July 28, 2011


Okay, yes, so the comic is directed at Audi, but hey, the principle is still the same.

I do quite thuroughly understand that my last blog post was  filled with ramblings and inscessant jabber, so today I will do my absolute best to keep you captivated and prove that my blog isn't just for insomniacs.

I voted to extinguish the HST. This tax saw a shift from the old GST/PST system, GST being the federal tax at 5% and the PST being the provincial tax at 7%. Before the HST was introduced, fusing the two, food, restaurants, hotels, and other things were only taxed at 5%. The Provincial Government, without warning, changed the system and all things that were previously exempt from the PST were now taxed at the usual rate of 12%. In a nutshell it was supposed to save businesses a huge portion on administrative costs and pass the savings onto the consumer, or use that savings to hire more people, but it seemed more apparant that most businesses were rewarding themselves with bonuses instead of hiring. Unemployment slowly went up and there seemed to be bitter resentment. I voted to extinguish it because The Federal government collected all the HST revenue, then distributed it to the provinces. Why should the provinces have to ask for money to spend on programs they are responsible for, such as Healthcare and Education when they had a PST to collect the revenue themselves. Made no sense.

Either way, we Candians are a fucking weird people. We honestly get riled up about Tariffs and Taxes, not because we don't like paying them (which some don't, don't get me wrong) but because we simply like knowing what our government is doing with the money. If they promise healthcare or education or defense or what have you, we tend to be ok with it. We're not about to talk about how our government should privatize everything, or cut corporate taxes to create jobs, or if we should bomb some country because they had the balls to fight and elect a leader! No, we're not like that. I mean come on, we're fucking Canada! We watch hockey, apologize to random people because, hey, we feel for you, bitch about softwood lumber and lack of tariffs, and revel in our world and WHO acclaimed healthcare system.

Seemed odd to add all of that in there, I know, but to my readers in the UK and other parts of the world, it should give you a taste of why we Canadians fucking rule, or at least what we actually do when we drink beer and chop down trees.

But hey, all stuff about how wonderful Canada is aside, my day was fairly uneventful, until about 5 PM. I ask you this: When faced with a challenging, potentially daunting hopeless task of deciding how and when it is time for you to face the music, put the boss key into the door, and stare down Ganondorf in an all guts or no glory-esque get the fucking chills right? That was me today, when faced with the possibiliy that, in roughly a year, I may be the proud owner of a Dodge Challenger. Today, at 5PM, I test drove one for 15 minutes and holy fuck did that thing grab me by the balls and beat me so fucking senseless that when I was done my only possible response was to crawl with my one working arm and beg the car to let me go. It was fucking amazing! Obviously I do not have the money for it now, but come July 4th I'll be a certified Audio Engineer, hopefully with a decent job lined up. If so, CHALLENGER YOU ARE FUCKING MINE! Will there be many episodes of me routinely falling in front of the car screaming "I'M NOT WORTHY!"? Hell yes. Will there be a lot of drinking in celebreation? Let's just say I know a guy who can get a lot of good whiskey...

Sadly that's my Dilemma, wait a year for what I want, or not go with it at all. It has become a goal, a challenge if you will. I like Challenges. Audio Engineering and finding a music job will be a Challenge, so will owning this car. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Rather... CHALLENGER ACCEPTED!!!

Shit... I think Sub Zero jsut entered my room... not again.

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