Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Just to let you all know this is my new blog. I won't be posting on Livejournal anymore because, well, You kinda have to sign up to livejournal to read my blog and no one really wants to do that.

Here I'll be sharing with you some of my thoughts, experiences, memories, musings, music, dillemas, crises, failures, and successes. If any of you wish to read into them (yes, I'll make them interesting) then join me as I grind my axe, sharpen my sword, and hack and slash my way through reality, life, and conquer your hearts.

Whatever happens, I'll post it here. Probably starting my next post with a little about me (probably to follow later tonight). I'll post this shit on facebook for anyone who decides to read it. I know there'as  alot of you who talk to me but don't entirely know who I am just yet. In truth, I really don't know how to answer that question because I'm still making those discoveries myself, but come with me and perhaps I will share my discoveries with you, and yours with me. After all, we may all be in this together, but our own experiences are unique to ourselves. Just cause we're all in the same boat doesn't mean we all see the same killer whale. We're jsut all trudging and smashign our way through life as best as we know how to, and hey, sure we all arrive at the same destination, it's the gorram journey that makes it interesting.

Come, and I will unlock for you my secrets to Life, metal, and the universe.

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